Second string team enough to beat England

I am Arjuna Ranatunga’s biggest fan and I feel it was he who took Sri Lanka from a mere member of the ICC to be one of the big guns in the world of cricket.

But I have to disagree with his request to ask the players to tour England and give up the IPL.

As most readers have mentioned, Mahela and Kumar have been great ambassadors and role models to all of us Sri Lankans. I am sure playing for the country is their priority, but they have signed up with the IPL for three years, long before the England tour had been thought of. I feel it’s more than just the money or playing for your country, but it’s honouring a contract or keeping one’s word that matters. So it’s wrong for everyone to blame Mahela and Company, as they are just doing what came about first.

Arjuna has the right to sign up with the English Cricket Board, but even if we do send a slightly weakened (only 4-5 regulars in the Test side would be missing), what right do the English have to demand the team they would prefer? If England now decide to cancel the tour, SLC should be compensated by the ECB.

The solution should be: to let the IPL contracted players play in the IPL, send the best possible players to England (which I am sure is enough to beat England) and insist England honour the MoU they have signed with Arjuna.

Dr. Amila de Alwis,
Ethul Kotte.

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