Open letter to Sports Minister Gamini Lokuge

It is sad that you have taken many steps that could ruin the future of Sri Lanka tennis, rugby and cricket for good.

Talking about tennis, firstly, you did the most undemocratic step of postponing an AGM to purely support the ambitions of the Lankan Foreign Minister’s brother to continue as the president of the SLTA because he simply did not have the support of the clubs. If you had allowed the elections to be held even at a later date, the best man would have won and the game would have prospered.

Secondly, you have now gone and appointed an Interim committee comprising the same group who were fighting each other. You have dropped the few professionals (ex-Nestle director and a bank director) from the committee.

Why on earth do we then need an Interim Committee? It is now evident whom you were trying to protect all along i.e. the minister’s brother. That is very sad Mr. Lokuge. If you had some concern for the sport, you would have appointed people who had the credibility and administrative ability to run the organization. A respected person should have been appointed as the president. Now you are attempting to do the same thing with rugby.

I am sure when your term as minister comes to an end at some future date, you will be severely criticized by your future colleagues and by tennis, cricket and the rugby playing public for ruining Sri Lankan tennis and rugby and sending tennis down the tube, purely and simply because you choose to accommodate the desire of your minister friend.

God save Sri Lankan sports, under you.

James Watson

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