Monday, November 24,  2008
      Editorial:INGO crows pecking at sovereignty

With the army steadily advancing on the remaining LTTE strongholds east of A9 and north of the Mankulam-Mullaitivu road, three runways located in this area will never be able to be used at least once, to bring in an arms load. The runways will come within artillery and mortar range as the area under LTTE controls shrinks. But the SLAF is not taking any chances.

The Jane’s, in an article headlined Fight and flight-The LTTE’s air cargo ambitions released on November 13, 2008, mentioned the SLN’s proven ability to identify, intercept and sink rogue ships, combined with the growing difficulties in landing their cargoes, may well have encouraged a shift towards air deliveries.

The police used sniffer dogs to check the Train of Brotherhood which left Matara for Medawachchiya on Saturday carrying goods for troops in the North and the displaced civillians, at the Galle Railway Station following a telephone call that there was a bomb in the train. (Pic by Kamal Wanniarachchi).


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