Those defending Prabhakaran do not know him – Karuna

Vinyagamurthi Muralidaran (aka Karuna), UPFA National List member, told Parliament yesterday (1) that the LTTE leader Prabhakaran was not known to most people who try to defend his actions. He was not the sole representative of the Tamil people. A very few of the Tamil people lived in the Wanni and he was keeping them against their wishes as a human shield.

It was the responsibility of the government to get the Tamil civilians of the Wanni liberated from the LTTE who were a group of terrorists that did not want a political solution that successive leaders had brought before them including the Indian Premier Rajiv Gandhi. But most of the people who seemed to be defending Prabhakaran did not know him or the inside working of the LTTE. "We in the Eastern Province have now become free after more than two decades and development process is taking place after two elections were held in the province. Terrorism was defeated in the east and democracy had been restored but you cannot expect things to happen in one day but positive results could be seen," Muralitharan said.

"In 2001 and 2002 when LTTE had lost 16,000 cadres I told Prabhakaran to agree to a political solution on a federal form of government and the late Anton Balasingham also agreed with me but Prabhakaran asked us to drag the peace talks on for five years so that he could rearm and strengthen the LTTE. Now his refusal to see reason now that a total of 22,400 cadres have died and his begging India to help him is the biggest joke in his Mahavir Day speech."

When India intervened in 1987 to set up a provincial council to stop killings she did not want a separate state in Sri Lanka. But Prabhakaran’s dogged attitude was the obstacle for reaching a political solution for the problems of the Tamil people. Only 20 percent of the Tamils live in the north while 80 percent were living outside the North but the 20 percent too wanted liberation from the LTTE and President Mahinda Rajapaksa was directing the armed forces to liberate the Tamil people who do not want to live under its suppression, he said.

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