Lankan student commended for winning Holcim sustainable construction award

A Sri Lankan architecture student, who won first prize in Holcims Sustainable Construction "Next Generation’ Europe competition in Madrid was commended during last week’s awards ceremony for the Asia Pacific Region, in New Delhi.

Semini Samarasinghe, from Kandy, who studies architecture in the United Kingdom,was invited by the Holcim Foundation to participate in the New Delhi ceremony. Her achievement was mentioned just before the Asia Pacific winners were announced.

The "Next Generation" prize for young architects and designers, was introduced for the first time during this years regional competitions for Europe, Latin America, North America, Middle East and the Asia Pacific, held over a period of two months.

Semini’s award winning entry was a production and ecological cluster in New Haven, UK. The project, featuring a tea house and herbal tea production facility, was commended for its sensitive combination of elements of sustainable construction and poetic design.

"The award makes me happy, because I have been able to contribute towards the protection of the environment, she told "The Island," Semini said

She thanked both the Holcim Foundation and Holcim Sri Lanka, for encouraging her to progress. "I came across this competition while browsing the internet and decided to apply."

The CEO of Holcim Sri Lanka, Peter Spirig and Vice President Sustainable Development, Rakitha de Silva, said Semini had done her country proud, by coming first in the "Next Generation" category.

"Her, achievement is certainly a boost for aspiring young architects and students of other disciplines as well", they added.

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