Stern warning from Karunanidhi

We understand that Karunanidi has ordered Dr Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India to order his Foreign Minister, Mukherjee to go to Sri Lanka and deliver a stern warning from him to our government to stop attacking the LTTE. MTV has shown us the hate that Karunanidi has injected into Tamil Nadu citizens. Prime Minister. Singh has succumbed to the blackmail of Karunanidi and agreed to send Mukherjee to Sri Lanka. That has put Sri Lanka into a quandary, because refusing entry to Mukherjee would cause a very serious diplomatic rift between the two countries. So the government has decided to ‘welcome’ Mukherjee.

Our government’s position has been all along that the LTTE should lay down its arms and join in the political process of having immediate elections, but the unanimous opinion of the entire nation that supported the presidency of Mahinda Rajapaksa is that at this point in time, when the end of the war is just around the corner, the LTTE should not be asked to lay down its arms, but should be crushed and their arms seized before anything else is even thought of. Any deviation from that stand taken by the entire nation could have irreversible disastrous consequences not only to the entire nation but to the political future of the President himself.

Now that Prabhakaran is just six inches from the edge of the precipice, we can fully expect him "to lay down his arms" by laying down an impressive amount of military hardware, leaving the rest intact and say that he is ready to join the democratic process to buy time for his next step. By such simple means made available to him by our ill advised government, he can also avoid arrest and go into another phase. That is the danger to which I want to draw the attention of the government.

 Laying down arms means that there will be not one inch of land or even one half an inch of land that is under the control of the LTTE. The entire area should be liberated and neutralised and elections should be held so that the Tamil people in the Northern Province could elect a government of their choice. If the army continues with the war without any let up until those conditions are fulfilled, there will be no danger. Otherwise, it could be a disaster.

What Karunanidi will do with Manmohan Singh is not our concern. We cannot commit suicide in any attempt to bail out Singh. In any case, why should we bail him out for all what India has done to us? What India should remember is that we are fully aware of the fact that it was India that created the LTTE, with the intent of annexing Sri Lanka, but failed at a time when we were the weakest not only militarily but also with a gutless toothless J. R. Jayewardene. It was Premadasa who saved the country using Prabhakaran who was double crossed by India. India should also remember that we know that she has never given up the idea of annexing our country and it is for that reason that she has defended the LTTE all along and threatened JR many years ago not to attack the LTTE, at the time when he could have finished off the LTTE. India will never give up her ambition of being the supreme master of the Indian Ocean by annexing the most blessed and beautiful country on this earth.

Lastly, what India should remember is that India’s R&D is the biggest threat to the high living standards of the international community. That being the case, the international community decided long ago to support the LTTE to make use of Prabhakaran to do to India what India wants Prabhakaran to do to us for different reasons. Today, India is living in a fear psychosis the same as America, but whereas America has banned all terrorist organizations and has been and is pursuing the LTTE on her soil, India is supporting the same outfit in Sri Lanka that she has also banned in India. If India did not ban the LTTE in India then it would have made sense but not now. India has thus come to a state when she cannot even ‘think straight’.

 L. Jayasooriya

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