Prabhakaran still in Kilinochchi?
"Has not fled to South India"

LTTE chief  Velupillai Prabhakaran is still in hiding somewhere in Kilinochichi district and has not escaped to South India as speculated, Tamil political sources said yesterday.

 Amidst heightened military operations, Prabhakaran would not be able to move about freely, as he used to do, the sources said.

"Prabhakaran believes he can achieve his goal of Eelam and therefore would continue fighting till the end. As his sister said recently, he would not abandon a mission once begun."   

 The LTTE has lost around 22,000 cadres since July 1983, when it stepped up its struggle for a separate state. It is now left with about 10,000 fighters, most of whom are concentrated in the Kilinochchi district, the sources said.

 The sources placed the number of Tamils under LTTE control at around 250,000, the majority of whom are in the Mullaitivu District.

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