Saturday, January 10, 2009
      Editorial:Checkmate only a move away

The army yesterday captured Elephant Pass and brought the entire A-9 Highway under government control after a lapse of 23 years amidst heavy resistance from the LTTE, which later retreated to Mulliyan. The 53 and 55 Divisions advanced from Soranpattu, which the army had bagged on Thursday and linked up with 58 Division. All three divisions will now....

The A-9 Highway at Elephant Pass

One arrested over MTV attack
The Maharagama Police yesterday arrested an opposition member of the Kotte Municipal Council in connection with the Monday’s dawn attack on the MTV’s Depanama studios. They also seized a Defender jeep.

EU heads call for political solution,
condemn attacks on media

The European Union’s heads of missions based in Colombo, in a joint statement issued yesterday, said that they had been closely watching the recent significant military developments in the North and that...

Obama and Premadasa
Re Dr Mahes Laduwahetty’s comment (The Island of January 3) on my article in...

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