Smashing a private TV station is most foul

It’s almost 15 years since media man, the late Mr. Richard de Zoysa, was murdered or rather slaughter and his naked body was dumped on the sea beach. Up to date no one has been accused or arrested for this foul deed. As usual, the police department is in the dark (and still they seem to be in the same situation when-ever daring crimes are committed, especially at night and early dawn when security is very tight). Funny, politicians of all hue adopt the now famous ‘I see nothing, I hear nothing" stance. It is therefore no surprise that crime is galloping at an alarming rate.

It is reported in the media that there are 580 million firearms floating all over the world-averaging, one weapon for every seventh person on this planet. Today there are civil wars in many countries and youngsters are being trained in using the most modern firearms. Once these youngsters have human targets on their weapon’s view finder they loose all human values and their religious beliefs become secondary.

During civil wars, weapons and uniforms of dead soldiers and insurgents which are lost or spirited away, or hidden away are retrieved and sold later to the underworld criminals to be used against law-abiding citizens.

Smashing a private TV station to satisfy the egoism of crooked men will be a blot on the current administration. All the good work that they have done so far for the country will go to naught if the culprits are allowed to go scot-free as they did many years ago when Mr. Richard de Zoysa was abducted from his residence in the presence of his mother, the late Dr. Mrs. Savaranamuttu and murdered. This lady doctor however, had some satisfaction when she revealed in a news report that some of the suspects had met their waterloo at Armour Street.

Today, the 9th, another media man Mr. Lasantha Wickrematuge - Chief Editor of The Leader has been shot and as usual the Police is in the ‘Dark’. It seems that our country is going back to the ‘Jungle Rule’.

Bernard O de Silva

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