Equipment for Jaffna District schools

Douglas Devananda, Minister of Social Services and Social Welfare, distributed equipment and furniture to selected schools in Jaffna district on January 8. The distribution of equipment and furniture took place in stages and this was the first step resorted to in distribution of equipment to needy schools.

Accordingly, black boards, white boards, computers, photocopying machines, library books, desks, chairs, etc., were distributed among Mattuwil Central College, kaithadi Maha Vidyalaya, Mattuvil St. Nayakie College, Kalvasal Sri Shanmuganatha College, Mattuwil Governemnt Mix College, Nevatkuli Government Mix College, Kodigamam Government Mix College, Karavetti Sri Narada College, Muththuthambi Maha Viduhala, Thellipalai General College, Kodigamam Thirunavukarasu Maha Viduhala, St. James Girls College, Puthur Gomaskanda College, Chavakachcheri Girls College, Chavakachcheri Hindu College, Nelliadi Central College, Sullipuram Victoria College, Achchuveli Central College and Nallur Mangayatkarasi College.

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