Foreign nation attempting save Prabhakaran’s skin - Army

Army intelligence has received reports of an attempt by an interested foreign country to spirit away LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran now cornered in a jungle hideout somewhere in Mullaitivu, following successful military operations which resulted in the capture all areas, bar a few square kilometers in Mullaitivu, held by the LTTE.

A high ranking defence source told The Island yesterday that this particular foreign country, which was closely associated with the LTTE in the past, would try every possible means to prevent Prabhakaran from being captured or killed by the military. "It could be by air, sea or even by using a submarine that this country would attempt to spirit away the Tiger leader," he said.

This information was discussed yesterday at the Security Council meeting but he declined to elaborate further. However, the Navy and Air Force are keeping a close vigil around the seas off Mullaitivu to prevent such an attempt.

Meanwhile, the Navy was closing in on Mullaitivu and was only a few kilometers from the jungles where Prabhakaran is said to be.

A highly placed governmental source speculated that soon newspapers would be able to report some very sensational news concerning the Tiger leader.

Asked why this particular foreign country was keen on saving Prabhakaran the source said that it was always suspected that this country under various guises was only helping the LTTE and the Government had reasonable suspicion about its activities.

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