Saffrons suspect ‘Fox and Wolf’ operations in Sri Lanka

The Assassination of the Sunday Leader editor Lasantha Wickrematunga and the attack on MTV Studio complex could have been a conspiracy by the West, which specialized in ‘Fox and Wolf’ operations to topple governments that refuse to toe its line in developing countries, JHU Legal Advisor cum Central Environment Authority Chairman Udaya Gammanpila told a press conference in Colombo yesterday.

The West eliminated leaders and regimes perceived as hostile to it by direct military action or so called ‘Wolf Operations’ as in Congo (1961), Chile (1968), Bangladesh (1973) and Pakistan (1977), he said. "Overthrowing governments, by direct military action, such as in Grenada, Panama, Guatemala, Afghanistan and Iran to bring about puppet regimes dancing to the tune of west too come under the Wolf Operations,"he said.

In some cases the West uses in-direct action known as the Fox Operations to achieve the same objective by creating situations that lead to the downfall of the targeted regime. Examples include the overthrowing the Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh Government in Iran in 1951, replacing President Sukarno’s Government with the regime of Suharto in Indonesia in 1965, forcing Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos to step down to allow Corazon Aquino in 1999, he said.

The Sri Lankan Government too had refused to toe the line with the West, he said. It had antagonized the West by not following its agenda and rejecting privatisation of public enterprises and promoting a national agenda. Sri Lanka had further developed relationships and joined forces with the anti-West camp by identifying with countries such as China, Iran and South American nations.

The West in their Fox Operations had always used the Opposition parties against the regimes they despised, Propaganda Secretary of the JHU, Nishantha Sri Waranasinghe said. Today, the common camp comprising the UNP, JVP, peace oriented NGOS, so-called few organizations crying of human rights, some trade unions and few journalists, religious organizations have come together and a funded by outside forces. "So what we experience before our eyes could be another stage of a Fox operation," he said.

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