Galle ex-Mayor not debarred from Council meetings – SPC Secy.

The Southern Provincial Council Secretary has written to the Galle Municipal Commissioner that former Galle Mayor Kelum Seneviratne is not debarred from attending the Council meetings as the Municipal Councillor just because he resigned from his position as Mayor to pave the way for Methsiri de Silva to become Mayor.

This letter was sent following an incident where the security guards did not permit Seneviratne to attend the last Council meeting. He brought this to the notice of the Southern Provincial Council Secretary who directed the Municipal Commissioner to allow Seneviratne to attend all future Council meetings.Meanwhile, following the Galle Municipal Commissioner’s request for a transfer, the Mayor has appointed the Deputy Commissioner to act as Commissioner until such time a new Commissioner is appointed. This was intimated to the Deputy Commissioner by letter on January 9 and the letter was copied to the Provincial Secretary. On receipt of this letter, the Provincial Secretary had informed the Mayor that he was not empowered to appoint anyone in an acting capacity as Commissioner and that power was vested only with the Public Service Commission.

The Commissioner could continue in the same capacity until a new Commissioner is appointed, he said.

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