Anti chikungunya programmes successful, says Health Dept.

Parts of the North Western, Uva, Sabaragamuwa and Eastern provinces have brought chikungunya under control following an intensive programme to eradicate mosquito breeding places.

Embilipitiya, Polonnaruwa, Moneragala and Kalmunai were subjected to fogging operations to smoke the mosquitoes out of their breeding grounds.

Deputy Director General, Public Health Services, Dr. P. G. Mahipala said yesterday (14) that reports indicated there were around 4,000 patients with chikungunya in all affected areas. But he reassured the public that control programmes carried out by health officials and public health workers prevented the mosquito born disease from spreading.

Large numbers seeking medication are those suffering from complications of the fever. Some of them have to put up with the complications for around two months. Therefore, they have to visit the hospital. Joint swellings and pain last for sometime after the patient is cured of the fever.

House to house inspections and awareness programmes had been carried out to educate people by Health workers of all districts.

He urged those who felt that they were affected by chikungunya to go to the nearest government hospitals. All government hospitals have the required medication, so there is nothing to fear. He urged people to clear their homesteads of possible breading places for mosquitoes. A place where a little bit of water could get collected is adequate for them to breed, he said.

Dr. Mahipala advised people to practice systematic garbage clearance and not just dump their garbage on roadsides or simply throw it out in the garden. They should bury the garbage or burn it and destroy it completely. Old tires, yogurt cups, discarded pots and containers should all be burnt, he said.

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