INGO funded LTTE boat factory captured

*Army eyes Puthukkudiyirippu
The army over the weekend had captured a well fortified LTTE camp and a boat manufacturing factory south of Puthukkudiyirippu jungles. The 59 Division directing operations against the LTTE stronghold at Mullaitivu on the north-eastern coast, had overrun Maruthampuvel, an area covered by their high security zone.

Army headquarters said that after heavy clashes, the 59 Division had secured positions just six kilometres south of Puthukkudiyiruppu. Troops had found seven bodies of male LTTE cadres along with 7 T-56 rifles with 1000 rounds of ammunition and one light machine gun (LMG).

The army said that at the boat manufacturing factory which was believed to be funded by INGO, 4VIR the Vijayaba Infantry Regiment had found two fast attack craft, 2 boats capable of operating in shallow waters and seven small boats used for suicide missions.

With the 58 Division advancing towards Puthukkudiyiruppu along the Paranthan-Mullaitivu road, the presence of the 59 Division, just six kilometers south of the town, would increase pressure on the LTTE, the army said. (SF)

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