School text books shipped to Jaffna

Social Services and Social Welfare Minister Douglas Devananda who visited Jaffna peninsula recently distributed school text books the Government had shipped the text books to.Jaffna.

Minister Devananda told The Island that as Chairman of the Special Task Committee in the Northern Province he had met district directors of education at his Ministry and had asked them prepare a complete report on shortcomings in educational activities and submit a framework on the educational development in the Northern Province.

In response to his request the directors had submitted a report of the damages caused to school buildings and educational equipment by war and floods. The directors had also submitted a report on urgent school requirements. His Ministry would take action to provide school requirements.

Minister Devananda added that he had an opportunity to meet a large number of civilians in Jaffna and had told them that terrorism was experiencing severe setbacks. The North and East which had been devastated by the war would be fully developed and the Government’s wish was to create peaceful co-existence for people in the Jaffna district.He added that at Navatkuli housing scheme he presented 300 title deeds to its occupants and the occupants requested him to name the housing scheme as Mahinda-Pura. The Government had initiated several development programmes to redeem the people of the North from fall outs of the destructive war and natural disasters such as floods and cyclones.

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