Electricity saving Refrigerators and AC’s from Abans

The heaviest consumers of electricity in your home are your Refrigerator and Air Conditioners that do not comply to any standard and have no energy saving devices. With today’s high cost of electricity, it is important to use energy saving appliances that save on your electricity bill.

Although you may use your Air Conditioner very sparingly, your electricity bill will still be high because standard air conditioners consume large amount of energy. Imagine a home with one or more air conditioners continuously working on an average of 8 - 10 hours a day. What can you do to bring down your electricity consumption?

Now Abans have the solution. Air Conditioners with innovative Inverter Technology, save electricity by upto 51%% and at the same time keeps you healthy. Apart from reducing your electricity bill by almost half, it has low noise levels, powerful cooling with healthy, clean, germ and dust free air. Abans offer you the widest range of Air Conditioners with Inverter Technology from the world’s best brands, LG, Mitsubishi and Haier to select from.

Many people with asthma, sinus and respiratory illnesses who are adversely affected by air conditioning will in fact be amazed by the relief they get with LG Plasma Air Conditioners. The reason being that apart from saving energy, Plasma Air Purifying System’s innovative filters in LG Air Conditioners, protect and safeguard your health by eliminating germs, dust, bacteria, pollen and house mite, which are some of the factors that aggravate respiratory illnesses, and give you fresh, clean air.

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