‘FlySmiLes’ projects SriLankan to new international
operative prestige

The newest innovation that places intractable credibility on prestige and character of Sri Lankan is the Flysmiles originality introduced by the Air line to capture highly competitive markets in the reality of world aviation.

They have worked into their flyer schedules the ‘frequent flyer programme that rewards and delights’. However to realize fruition of this new ticket benefit scheme they have teamed with ten major companies to realize wide ranging rewards to its members world wide.

Sri Lankan CEO Manoj Gunawardena addressing the press this week said Sri Lankan welcomed its new partners. Partners were selected giving credence to their capacity to sustain prestige and image of the air line simultaneously thereby enhancing interaction with international flavour of Sri lankan.

Agreements were signed With Malaysian Airlines, Etihad Air Ways, Dialog Telecom, American Express, Standard Chartered, Travelling Connect, Hertz, Taj Hotels and resorts and Palaces, Siddhalepa, And Decan Aviation. (Lanka).

Latitude of applications for those who would enter this scheme could be described as quite substantial Gunawardene said. It would be an extraordinary win win situation to all participants. Interconnectivity of travel and internal benefits that would be included as an inclusive package would give intense meaning to the Sri Lankan Flysmiles programme.

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