After completing liberation of the Vanni
Massive development plans will be implemented in the north - Rajitha

The days of the LTTE are numbered and massive development programmes to be implemented in the north are in the offing. Arrangements are made even to hold provincial council elections to elect the real representatives of the northern Tamils are in the pipeline. Under the visionary leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa the security forces are succesfully capturing LTTE strongholds and stabilizing Government control in the North," Construction and Engineering Services Minister Rajitha Senaratne told The Island.

He said President Rajapaksa had invited LTTE leader Prabhakaran to the negotiating table after laying down arms. But the LTTE leader ignored the request and became a law unto himself. He had said that Kilinochchi was invulnerable and an attempt to overpower it was only a daydream of the President. The President had no alternative but to order the security forces to eliminate the LTTE by hook or by crook.

He pointed out that the security forces had achieved remarkable successes in launching offensives against the LTTE.

The President had also taken an important decision to proscribe the LTTE and had instructed the security forces to launch offensives against the LTTE minimizing civilian casualties. Now consultants and advisors to the LTTE had become silent.

Referring to the morale of the security forces, Minister Senaratne said, the security forces deployed in the North had fought under trying conditions risking their lives and the Government, on the instruction of President Rajapaksa, had ensured that the requirements of the security forces were supplied uninterrupted.

Any news reports or fabricated stories undermining the morale of the forces could be a punishable offence because they had shouldered a heavy responsibility to liberate the country from the terrorism, he said.

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