Sri Lanka is heading for a military dictatorship - USP Leader

Leader of the United Socialist Party (USP), Siritunga Jayasuriya said that recent events indicate, Sri Lanka was heading for a military/police dictatorship.

He said at a joint opposition news conference in Colombo on Saturday, that the country was going from bad to worse and very soon the entire nation would be ruled at gun point. "The government is not only protecting murderers and rogues, but also carrying out a concerted campaign to confuse the people. When something serious happens, the government should state its position through one spokesman. Instead, various Ministers and public officials are used to make contradictory statements and thereby make a joke out of the whole situation. A responsible government will never behave in this manner."

The recent mob attack damaging the MTV/MBC studios and the killing of Sunday Leader newspaper Editor Lasantha Wickrematunga, have resulted in a bad opinion being created about Sri Lanka internationally. It would be a matter of time before the repercussions are felt both politically and economically, Jayasuriya observed.

Referring to the Defence Ministry directive for all Sri Lankans to register with it, online, he said that it was not only illegal, but also unnecessary. "The local police routinely registers people in its area. So, what is the sudden urgency to register online as well, with the Defence Ministry?"

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