Vote correctly to prevent disintegration of the country
Minister Sirisena

Kurunegala: Minister of Agriculture Development and Agrarian Services Maithripala Sirisena said voters should exercise their franchise correctly to prevent the disintegration of the country.

"One or two of your family or even more, are now in the North fighting terrorism to protect the country from separation and it is your duty to protect the country by participating in the development work, he told a UPFA election rally, organized by the SLFP activists in Maharachchimulla, Alawwa, a major town in the Dambadeniya electorate in the Kurunegala district.

He said the UPFA government fought against terrorism, not against the Tamils of Sri Lanka and government forces were now pounding the terrorists’ camps one by one without any damages to Tamil civilians in the conflict zone. Before long, the terrorists’ castles built in the air would be buried, Sirisena said.

He claimed that the government was not only fighting terrorism but also fighting poverty.

The UPFA government had clearly understood that poverty was the main reason for many a problem in a society.

"At the moment, the government is making a gigantic effort to increase agricultural products because it must fight hunger first", he said.

"The nation is witnessing massive development projects, but the opposition political parties and certain opportunist individuals and organizations local and foreign are keen only to point out the minus points and not the plus ones of the government," he said.

However, patriotic members of the public had well understood the immediate necessity of the time, and they were co-operating with the government in bringing peace and prosperity to the country.

"The majority of the public are now with the government. They will vote for the UPFA candidates in the fray for the Central and North Western provincial councils’ membership and they will vote for peace and prosperity," Sirisena said.

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