Herath accuses Govt. of corruption

JVP strongman and Gampaha District Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath yesterday accused the government of, engaging in rampant corruption, using State machinery such as vehicles, and using State buildings and government officials for the UPFA election campaign on the pretext fighting a war.

He said at a news conference, that the families of war heroes fighting the LTTE are living in abject poverty in their respective villages while the government ministers who sing hosannas about the security forces personnel are paid Rs 50,000 as a rent allowance.

The traditional exports like tea, rubber and coconut had lost their places in the world market and the country was heading towards bankruptcy, he said.

There is an economic recession in the country and the government comes up with a lame excuse saying that the prices of commodities have sky rocketed due to the colossal defence budget. But in effect the government and its allies are lining their pockets with this money he said.

The unnecessary spending by the government has not reduced even at this stage he pointed out.

For the forthcoming elections in the Central and Wayamba Provinces the government has taken most of the State vehicles and official bungalows and buildings belonging to the government and forced the government servants to engage in the election campaign, he said.

The Rajapakse government has allowed racists like Thondaman and Hakeem to plunder national resources and promote separatism, Herath said adding that a vote for the UPFA would be a vote to divide the country.

He blamed the UNP for introducing a bogus Ceasefire Agreement and manipulating the media to fool the masses and project a make believe world with peace and harmony. However today the masses are convinced that the abortive CFA was meant to support the cause of Eelam, he said.

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