Speaker says No-faith motion has lapsed

Speaker W. J. M. Lokubandara yesterday (21) told Parliament that the UNP-sponsored no-confidence motion against the government had lapsed since the Opposition failed to move it on January 9.

On January 8 the House had been informed of the motion it had been entered in the Order Book to be taken on January 9, the Speaker said.

Speaker Lokubandara announcing the lapse of the motion said that he had studied similar situations in parliamentary history of other Commonwealth countries such as Great Britain, India and Canada.

Precedents set by those traditions indicated that if the Opposition failed to move a motion against the government when it was taken up for the debate, the motion lapsed, he said.

"The day it was to be taken, I called on all the names of the MPs who had placed their signatures but none moved it," the Speaker said.

The Speaker made this special announcement yesterday answering a question raised by Chief Opposition Whip Joseph Michael Perera on Tuesday (20) why the motion had been removed from the order book.

"However, if the UNP is desirous of moving a no faith motion against the government again, it could always do so," Speaker Lokubandara said.

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