Lewke steps down as President of SLRFU
Senior DIG Nimal Lewke, former Commandant of the elite

Special Task Force, has decided to step down as President of the Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union, with immediate effect.

In a media release sent to us yesterday, Lewke states that "it was indeed a difficult decision to arrive at, but it has been done in the best interests of the game, which suffered some minor hiccups due to misplaced loyalties and mischief. It is all behind me now and as the president I am happy that we weathered the storm to ensure stability, progress and consistency of this great game.

"We have a blueprint for the overall improvement of the game and the development of rugby in Sri Lanka and I am confident that whoever will be my successor, that he would consider the proposals made with careful planning and foresight in the best interests of the game."

He adds that he is happy that the SLRFU is in a very stable position at the moment with a Rs. 50 million fixed deposit.

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