Calling Karunanidhi's bluff

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi has not yet given up his campaign to scuttle Sri Lanka's war on terror in order to save his pet Tigers, though it is clear that he is only hoping against hope.

Karunanidhi, having purportedly dissociated himself with the LTTE in public, claims to be speaking for the Tamil civilians trapped in the Vanni theatre of war. But, the question is why he never took up cudgels against the LTTE, which had been committing heinous crimes against those hapless people such as murder, violent suppression of dissent and all other democratic rights, forcible child conscription, forced labour, extortion etc.

Why was it that he suddenly woke up to the plight of civilians only after the LTTE bastions began to crumble in the Vanni and Prabhakaran had to run for dear life?

Has Karunanidhi, who has taken upon himself the responsibility for speaking for the Sri Lankan Tamils, ever asked himself what has become of the democratic Tamil political leadership in this country? Only a handful of senior Tamil leaders have survived barbaric terror the LTTE unleashed. Most of the survivors have become Prabhakaran's slaves. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA), which is grovelling before him, is only a puppet outfit at the beck and call of Prabhakaran and has no following among the people it claims to represent.

The Tamil politico military organisations with parliamentary representation are only confined to some pockets in the North. Did the Tamil Nadu politicians purposely create this kind of political vacuum with the help of the LTTE so that they could meddle with Sri Lanka's internal affairs?

In the Eastern Province, the TMVP has moved in to fill the political vacuum created by the LTTE and civil administration has been restored. Rehabilitation and resettlement programmes are being carried out there with foreign assistance.

The Easterners are now in a position to look after their own affairs without any help from Karunanidhi et al. Democracy and civil administration will revive in the North after the LTTE is eliminated and this must be a worrisome proposition for the Tiger backers in Tamil Nadu, who will lose their influence over Sri Lanka in such an eventuality.

If Karunanidhi and other Tamil Nadu politicians on the warpath are genuinely interested in helping the Vanni civilians, first of all, they ought to get a clear picture of the Sri Lankan situation without being swayed by the LTTE sponsored disinformation campaign.

LTTE lobbyists and NGO Tigers who specialise in anti-Sri Lankan propaganda treat the diplomatic corps and foreign governments like mushrooms. They are kept in the dark and fed with hogwash! Those terror propagandists and sympathizers are a clever lot; pulling the wool over others' eyes is their forte.

The TRO had collected millions of dollars by masquerading as a charity before being banned at long last. TamilNet continues to feed BBC with diabolical lies, which get beamed across the globe. There are many other organisations misguiding and misdirecting the international community.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has made an adroit diplomatic move to counter their adverse propaganda and defuse tension in Tamil Nadu. He has invited Karunanidhi to make an official visit here and see the situation for himself. There is no reason why the latter should turn down the invitation, as TULF President V. Anandasangaree has said. After all, several Tamil Nadu politicians tried to rush here by boat, didn't they? They can now come through proper channels and meet the people they have been shedding crocodile tears for.

President Rajapaksa has said Karunanidhi could bring along with him a delegation consisting of the Tamil Nadu political leaders on his visit here. There are scores of politicians campaigning against Sri Lanka and they have an opportunity to come here, meet people in all parts of the country and draw their own conclusions without being taken for a ride by the LTTE.

It was only the other day that Japanese Special Peace Envoy Yasushi Akashi was here meeting the displaced people and Tamil politicians including the TNA MPs. Why cannot Karunanidhi do likewise?

Isn't Akashi, by virtue of having had first-hand experience of the ground situation, better informed of Sri Lanka's IDPs than Karunanidhi, who claims to have an 'umbilical cord relationship' with the Sri Lankan Tamils?

Now that President Rajapaksa invited Karunanidhi, it will be interesting to see the latter's reaction. How can he refuse to meet the displaced people in the North, whose rights he claims to be championing?

What a way to call Karunanidhi's bluff!

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