Top Tiger leader Bhanu critically injured

Top LTTE leader Bhanu was seriously injured in Udayarkattu, Mullaitivbu, military sources said.

"Bhanu who was in charge of the artillery and mortar units of the LTTE, had been fleeing for safety from the advancing army.

This had caused a severe dent in the fighting capability of the Tigers.

It was only last week that LTTE leader Prabhakaran’s advisor Balakumar suffered serious injuries in a confrontation with the troops in the same area.

"Balakumar, is undergoing treatment in a hospital in Mullaitivu jungles and his condition is critical," the sources said.

Bhanu and another Tiger leader Deepan had been leading attacks on the troops during the past few days in this area.

Bhanu’s sister, living in France, has informed the LTTE members in France that her brother was critically injured.

He was one of the key LTTE members responsible for capturing the Elephant Pass in 2000. Others who led the LTTE onslaught were Karuna,Balaraj and Deepan and today only Baunu and Deepan remain with the Tigers.

Bhanu, a close confidant of Prabhakaran, joined the LTTE in 1994 and underwent training in India and a few other countries.

He has been responsible for a number of major attacks launched by the Tigers against the security forces sources said.

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