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The Seylan Bank has made two board appointments in January – Mr. Ramanathan Nadarajah with effect from January 12 and Rear Admiral (Retd) Ananda Peiris from January 8, the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) has been notified.

At a news conference last month, Seylan’s New Chairman, Mr. Eastman Narangoda, said that he was the only executive director from the new board functioning in the bank at that time but indicated that a second appointment will be made.

Mr. Ajitha Pasqual continues as CEO of the bank.

Mr. Nadarajah is a senior banker who retired from the senior management of the Bank of Ceylon and thereafter served the private banking sector.

The CSE has also been formally apprised of the retirement of Mr. N.G. Wickremeratne as Chairman/Chief Executive of Hayleys from June 30 and the appointment of Mr. A.M. Pandithge who will succeed him from July 1.

Mr. A. Wickramaratne has been appointed to the board of the Capital Development and Investment Company PLC (CDIC), a subsidiary of the NDB Bank with effect from January 16 following the resignation of Mr. A.R. Gunasekara from CDIC from December 31.

Two directors of Ceylinco Finance PLC, Mr. W.H.M.N. Bandara and Mr. S.R. Wijesinghe have resigned with effect from January 15 and January 16 while Mr. T.N.M. Peiris has resigned from Ceylinco Housing and Real Estate Company from January 19 and Mr. W.G.B.M. Ranaweera from the board of Ceylinco Seylan Developments from January 21.

Ms. Beverley Mirando has resigned from the board of Galadari Hotels with effect from January 19, CSE has been informed.

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