Trapprd civilians -The truth?

Peacenik INGOs, meddling Ambassadors and the inimitable Dr.JJ  feed the general public [and the BBC of course] with a variety of "statistics" about the poor civilians trapped in the Tiger’s deadly embrace. These figures range from 400,000 to 200,00. They seemed so way out that I checked with the Statistical Handbook of the Census Department according to which the population of the whole Kilinochchi DISTRICT was 127,00 and Mulaittivu  was 122,000. The total "pre-war" population of both diistricts [not only the towns]was 249,000. It is commonsense that ,once hostilties began, many thousands would have left both these districts - thus depleting the above figures. Unless, of course, thousands of Tamils [from Colombo etc] flocked to"Eelam" and swelled its population. I am also curious as to how Dr.JJ gathered his own figures of thousands of pregnant women.

I wonder whether these fiction-peddlers will ever explain the sources.

Tissa Devendra

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