Prabhakaran planning forced suicide by 200 women to
mislead world - Wimal

As a last resort, LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran is planning to force about 200 women, detained by him, to commit self immolation in order to mislead the world into believing that their "suicide" was due to atrocities commited by the military. The LTTE leader, in a bid to regain international recognition, will resort to this ruse, National Freedom Front President Wimal Weerawansa said yesterday at a press conference in Colombo.

He said Prabhakaran knowing well that he is on his last legs wants to show the world that Tamil women are sacrificing their lives for the cause of Tamil welfare.

Some United Nations affiliated institutions are planning to pressure the Government by asking it to stop the war to clear the civilians from the conflict zone.

"Their motive is clear. They are not concerned about the fate of the civilians. They only need breathing space. We urge the Government while protecting the civilians at the same time not to stop the war", he said.

Weerawansa also said that the Government should take steps to ban the Tamil National Alliance that acts as the puppet of the LTTE and shed crocodile tears on behalf of Tamil people.

He said that TNA acting as the so called guardians of the Tamil people never questioned the LTTE when they used a suicide bomber, fired on and killed innocent civilians.

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