Docs give A’pura police one more week...

Doctors of the Anuradhapura District decided that they would give the Anuradhapura Police one more week to arrest parties responsible for the attack on the Health Director of the North Central Province, at a meeting held yesterday Branch Union Secretary of the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA), Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital, Dr. Aruna Palitha Sampath said.

He said the Anuradhapura Police had stepped up investigations owing to pressure applied by doctors of the province.

However, if the situation remains the same and no arrests are made even by next Friday (20), doctors and the health staff of the entire province will resort to strong trade union methods to make the Anuradhapura Police listen.

A token strike was staged early this week in the province protesting against the attack on the Provincial Health Director Dr. W. Atapattu was attacked last Friday (06).

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