President tells UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon
Come and see for yourself what is happening in our country


Ban Ki Moon

" I gave an open invitation to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, to come here and see for himself, how our security forces have committed themselves wholeheartedly to the task of providing medical and various other facilities to those helpless people who come desperately to seek redress having escaped from the terrorist clutches" said President Mahinda Rajapaksa at a ceremony to hand over three-story new building complex constructed to house an outpatient and a special clinical division of the Homagama Base Hospital at Homagama on Monday.

The 25,000 -square foot building was completed at a cost of Rupees 100 million. The new building is a gift from the Bamunuarachchi Foundation (BAF), under the Ran Mehewara Project, phase 1- stage 1, to commemorate the late B.A. Semaneris Appuhamy. The President laid the foundation stone to commence the stage II of the complex too, on the occasion.

The president said words could not explain the value of the magnanimity shown in implementing this meritorious venture of constructing the hospital building complex for the benefit of poor patients. The action clearly

manifests how the Bamunuarachchi family was bent on doing charitable work. The Bamunuarachchi Foundation was well known for its contribution to common causes. It would perhaps not be the wealthiest but it had performed well in the sphere social work with great enthusiasm and patriotism. This is an example which others in the opulent community should emulate.

Commenting on the present situation in the country, the President said that he would not ask aid on sympathy. He would not put his country and its people by exhibiting their plight just to evoke sympathy of international organizations,

"Internally displaced civilians in the Vanni are well cared for by the government as their own kith and kin.

They have suffered not from the attacks of the security forces but from their own so called terrorist liberators for nearly three decades," the President said. He vehemently rejected the allegations levelled against the forces by various international organizations and said it was the LTTE who committed the heinous crimes against the innocent Tamils. "We have at all times, treated those civilians fleeing from the grip of the terrorists to the safe zones, most humanely.

Referring to the flow of hundreds of international organizations after tsunami, he said, most came with compassionate considerations and did a yeoman service to help the victims. But there were some who came to the island with not so noble aims but to satisfy their other interests.

The President appealed to businessmen to think of the country as they need it to engage in business.

"Now is the time to do charitable work. The government has allocated 89 billion rupees for the health sector in spite of the colossal sum of nearly 200 billion spent for national security. This enables us to continue to maintain the standards achieved so far.

"Our maternal and infant mortality rates are the best in the Asian region. We have refurbished hospitals in estates as well as those in the remotest parts of the country and some fully equipped with sophisticated equipment." he said.

The President expressed his thanks to those voted UPFA for endorsing the government policies and giving him a huge victory in the Wayamba and Central Provincial Council elections. This was also a tribute paid to our brave war heroes, he said.

The Most Venerable Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thera, Most Venerable Galaboda Gnaneswara Thera, Ministers Nimal Siripala De Silva, Dinesh Gunawardena, Bandula Gunawardena, P. Dayarathna, Geethanjana Gunawardena, Western Province Governor Alavi Mowlana and several others participated at this ceremony attendedseveral by

Ministers, Parliamentarians, religious dignitaries and other distinguished guests.

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