Minister invites Jayalath to join govt.

Health Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva invited UNP MP for Gampaha District, Dr. Jayalath Jayawardana to join hands with the government to help the people as he has shown much keenness in the recent past to do so. Minister De Silva extended the invitation following Dr. Jayawardana’s claim that he had been instrumental in getting down the much wanted pain killer Pethidine vaccine from India.

A spokesman for the Health Ministry said yesterday (25) that the Health Minister and the Secretary to the Ministry had stressed the urgent need for the purchase of the vaccine from neighboring India during discussions held with Indian High Commissioner Alok Prasad. The pain killer vaccine which is used in post operations and on pregnant mothers during labour was purchased by the Health Ministry by Saturday (21). The Minister and Health Secretary were able to get the required license and clearance to bring the vaccine into the country.

"After all Dr. Jayawardana’s claim that the hard work he had put in was instrumental in purchasing the vaccine, had prompted the Minister of Health to invite him to jojn the Government," the spokesman said. The Minister has further said that Dr. Jayawardena being in the Opposition would not serve the people much. "Everyone knows that the purchasing would have to be done through the Ministry" the spokesman said.

No ministry would spend money on purchases on instructions issued by a member of the opposition. Dr. Jayawardana who himself was a Minister earlier knows this as a fact. Therefore Health Minister De Silva urged the Opposition MP to cross over to the government "instead of sticking on to a losing side," the spokesman further said.

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