Promoting terrorism the UN way

Why terrorism is flourishing in the modern world like the Black Death taking a heavy toll on humanity could be seen from the flurry of pro-terror activity at the apex international body, the UN. The infiltration by terrorists of the UN system is such that even the Security Council is pussyfooting without tackling the issue of terrorism the way it should.

While the security forces are poised to deal a decapitating blow to the LTTE at home, Sri Lankan envoys are engaged in defensive warfare on the diplomatic front in New York to prevent pro-terror elements from pressuring the UN to throw a lifeline to the beleaguered terrorists.

A glorified blogger by the name of Mathew Lee, we learn, has placed himself over and above the representatives of sovereign states at the UN and is openly carrying out an anti-Sri Lanka campaign with a view to helping the LTTE. Would an Al Qaeda backer been allowed to operate at the UN in that manner? Freedom that confederates of terrorists in the garb of bloggers or journalists or human rights activists enjoy to carry out malicious campaigns against member states only gives an impetus to the UN's downhill journey as a failed outfit.

It looks as if the time had come for the UN to open its membership for terrorist outfits as well!

What Sri Lanka is fighting is a model war on terror. Even the world powers could take a leaf out of her book in dealing with terrorism. Having surrounded the last LTTE bastion with all escape routes sealed off, the army is in a position to wipe out the remaining terrorists including their leaders within hours. But, it has chosen to advance cautiously because of the hostages in the clutches of the LTTE. Would any other army have acted with such restraint? How even great leaders like Lincoln acted in eliminating their enemies is too well known to merit elaboration. Suffice it to say that Lincoln's killing machine led by ruthless generals like Sherman paid no heed to the human cost and marched on besieged towns to quell a civil war that threatened America's territorial integrity. The Allied Forces which descended on Berlin to finish off the fleeing Nazis did not spare even women or children. The US obliterated Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs. India unflinchingly attacked the Golden Temple holy to Sikhs in a bid to crush an uprising.

Today, the LTTE is trapped in an area encompassing less than 58 sq. km. and there are thousands of soldiers inching towards their goal. But, they are not massacring combatants who surrender or indicate their willingness to give themselves up, unlike the American and British troops who indulged in the so-called Turkey Shoot (read a series of massacres) on the highway between Kuwait and Basra during the Gulf War I.

The army has given Prabhakaran an opportunity to give up arms and surrender without endangering the lives of innocent men, women and children, behind whom he is hiding. He is not giving up, as he believes that with the international support he still enjoys, he may be able to stop the government's military onslaught and live to fight another day. Therefore, anyone who calls for a ceasefire at this juncture only gives hope to Prabhakaran and thereby perpetuates the agony of the civilians under his jackboot.

It will be a mistake for any nation to think only Sri Lanka will benefit from her successful war on terror. The terrorist outfit sinking here has been a role model for the other evil forces scattered across the globe. It mastered the art of suicidal terror by 'manufacturing' human bombs with the help of indoctrination and drugs. While bin Laden went for jumbo jets to mount attacks, Prabhakaran taught terrorists that they could use light aircraft for Kamikaze attacks. What if other terrorists with many suicide cadres at their disposal begin to hijack or acquire trainer aircraft, pack them with high explosives and ram high rise buildings or other civilian centres? Will there be any defence against low flying tiny aircraft at night? We only hope that Al Qaeda won't learn from the LTTE.

The Somali pirates have graduated from a minor irritant to a serious threat. It looks as though Captain Hook had been cloned on the high seas. What would have been the situation, if the LTTE had been able to launch its 'submarines'? It would have overtaken its Somali counterparts. In a world where even nuclear technology is being leaked out to rogues, the possibility of a terrorist outfit either building real submarines or acquiring some cannot be ruled out.

The LTTE became an inspiration to terrorists throughout the world. The only way to prevent terrorists from trying their hand at such innovations is to wipe out the terror role model, which Sri Lanka is about to do. An attempt to torpedo Sri Lanka's war is therefore tantamount to a contribution to the advancement of global terrorism.

The UN, the EU etc. must be told that as for Sri Lanka's war, the choice they have is between helping a democratic sovereign state protect herself and promoting a barbaric terrorist group which does not give a tinker's damn about democracy. Most of all, the latter is led by a bunch of hardcore criminals––with an Interpol warrant out for them ––convicted of heinous crimes in Sri Lanka and wanted by India over the killing of a national leader.

Those who are all out to stop Sri Lanka's war and help take the LTTE off the hook are aiding and abetting Prabhakaran’s crimes.

They also deserve to be called terrorists.

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