Dr. Aries Kovoor’s valuable collection gifted to NBG library

The late Professor Aries T. Kovoor, an outstanding biological scientist who cherished a profound love for plants and natural environment, left behind a substantial collection of scientific books, journals and writings.

The late Professor’s wife Dr. Jacqueline Kovoor who gifted this virutal treasure trove to the library of the National Botanic Gardens recently.

Mrs. Kovoor on arriving in Sri Lanka, arranged with the National Botanic Gardens to donate the collections of books and literature to its library.

The collection was donated by Mrs. Kavoor to the Additional Secretary, Ministry of Sports and Recreational Activities H. M. B. Herath with the participation of the Director General of National Botanic Gardens Dr. Cyril Wijesundara.

Professor Aries Kovoor was the son of Dr. Abraham Thomas Kovoor who was deeply immersed in the study of plants as a botanists.

He developed a deep interest in the study of palms, tropical vegetation and biotechnology.

He also had a desire to establish a garden of palms and tree banks which unfortunately he could not achieve in his life time.

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