Does ICRC think it is just child’s play?

The LTTE, being the brutal terrorists that they are, fired artillery at the Bin Tan ship, which was anchored in the Mulaitivu seas, ready to unload the food that was sent for the use of the LTTE-trapped civilians.

A news item appeared in the BBC news portal in connection to this [http://www.bbc.co.uk/sinhala/news/story/2009/03/090309-icrc-ship.shtml] with the headline reading as follows:

"Relief Ship not targeted-ICRC"

‘After arriving with food supplies and aid for civilians, the ship, anchored off the coast at Puthmatalan, was unloading its cargo on to small boats when, the ICRC said, shells fell two- to three-hundred metres away’.

It is, however, interesting to see that, though the relief ship has been anchored off the coast at Puthumattalan and the shells falling as close as a few hundreds of meters of the ship, according to BBC, how ICRC does not want to believe that it was the ship that was targeted by the LTTE.

Take a look at what Clara Haddad says according to the BBC news item.

"We have no reason to believe the ship flying the ICRC flag was targeted by shells which were falling around it while trying to unload supplies".

Does this mean that Clara Haddad and her employer, the ICRC, believe that the LTTE shelling was just mischievous child’s play that would have had no ulterior motive of disrupting the unloading of the food? Does the ICRC have facts with them for not believing the LTTE shells targeted the ship at anchor? More importantly, would the same ICRC act in the same casual manner and rubbished any ill-will had the SL army fired those shells?


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