Democratic states as terror backers

The US-led forces are wreaking havoc on Afghanistan in search of their terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks and the London bombings. No sooner had the World Trade Centre collapsed in a terror strike than the US gave Pakistan Hobson's choice in tracking down Al Qaeda terrorists. Pakistan, told in no uncertain terms by Washington either to hunt down Al Qaeda or be prepared to pay for defiance, was left with no alternative but to fall in line. It helped capture a large number of Osama's combatants including several senior leaders thus incurring the wrath of the Afghan terrorists who have been targeting Pakistani interests in retaliation ever since.

Today, Pakistan has had to pay a heavy price for collaborating with the US in fighting the terrorists who pose a threat to the West. On several occasions, the US forces even made forays into Pakistani territory and massacred civilians with impunity as part of their anti-terror drive. They are no respecters of geographical boundaries or the concept of national sovereignty when their interests are threatened.

The US cruise missile attacks on Sudan and Afghanistan in August 1998 in retaliation for the bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania demonstrated how determined the US was to defend herself. "There will be no sanctuary for terrorists," said the then President Bill Clinton describing the missile attacks as part of 'a long, ongoing struggle between freedom and fanaticism'.

In the aftermath of the Mumbai attacks, India pinned the blame on Pakistan and demanded the immediate capture and extradition of the terror masterminds. Tension between the two nuclear nations grew to such a level that even a showdown was feared. Luckily sanity prevailed!

That is how powerful nations deal with the rest of the world in fighting their terrorists. No country would even dream of harbouring America's terrorists either overtly or covertly. How would Britain react if her terrorists were ever to use Colombo as a base to fund and plan attacks on London? Sri Lanka would be invaded again! Never mind the West: Would India ever allow her terrorists, say the Assamese separatists, to be trained in Sri Lanka? If Sri Lanka ever did so, instead of ‘lentil’, India would drop cluster bombs on her southern neighbour!

But, Sri Lanka's terrorists responsible for gruesome crimes against civilians and devastating attacks on economic and military interests enjoy unbridled freedom to operate in Britain, India and many other 'democratic' countries. They are openly supporting and raising funds for the terrorist war against Sri Lanka. Even some of the lawmakers in those countries have no qualms about safeguarding the interests of Sri Lanka's terrorists who have also managed to successfully lobby some US senators and Congressmen.

Now, we learn that the LTTE has set up base in Malaysia. The main arms procurer of the outfit Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP, according to our main news item yesterday, is operating from that country. Most of the LTTE's arms smuggling vessels have been destroyed by the Sri Lanka Navy but there are believed to be a few more rogue ships left. KP is said to be working overtime in a desperate bid to replenish the depleted arms stocks of the LTTE, though he has no way of smuggling them to Sri Lanka.

Sadly and strangely, Malaysia has not yet taken steps to bust the LTTE network on her soil in spite of vital information Sri Lanka has furnished to the Malaysian authorities. Has the LTTE already infiltrated the Malaysian political establishment? KP and other LTTE top guns cannot operate in Malaysia without political backing.

Whether Malaysia is really desirous of helping Sri Lanka crush terrorism or not one may not know but she must crack down on the LTTE on her soil for her own sake. For, Malaysia is part of the Great Eelam project of the LTTE. After Sri Lanka demolishes the LTTE's homeland project and effectively neutralises its separatist threat, the handlers of the LTTE will turn to some other land, where conditions prevail for laying the foundation of Eelam.

They may prefer a place away from India, which is all out to prevent Eelam being established in her backyard out of her national security concerns.

KP's arms procurement operations being conducted in Malaysia should serve as an eye opener for those members of the international community urging the LTTE to give up its separatist terror and seek a political solution to the conflict. It was only the other day that the donor Co-Chairs issued a statement to that effect. At least now they ought to realise that the LTTE will not give up its separatist struggle even after losing its base in Sri Lanka.

A foreign diplomat in Sri Lanka––whose name is withheld as we don't want hordes of 'patriots' at his gate tomorrow morning––is reported to have visited KP and had talks. Although he has claimed their talks centred on the displaced persons of the Vanni, it is believed that the duo discussed ways and means of rescuing the beleaguered Tigers.

What has a foreign diplomat got to discuss with an arms smuggler about the war displaced?

It is these clandestine moves to derail Sri Lanka's war that keep Prabhakaran going. He is hopeful that if he could hold out for a few more weeks, his foreign allies would be able to take him off the hook. Hoping against hope, he goes on fighting at the expense of his hostages.

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