Thursday, March 19,  2009

      Editorial:What the Keith Vaz affaire signifies

Angry civilians Tuesday set fire to an LTTE ‘police’ station at Puthumathalan in the civilian safety zone after LTTE cadres shot dead parents of a child whom they made an abortive bid to abduct. They also shot dead the child before retreating amid violent protests, Navy spokesman Captain D. K. P. Dassanayake told The Island last night.
Quoting civilians who had taken advantage of the chaos triggered by the killings and the retaliatory civilian attack on the LTTE post to escape, Dassanayake said ...

Troops of 11 SLLI (Sri Lanka Light Infantry) of 58 Division captured eight improvised mortar launchers (baba mortars) left behind by retreating LTTE cadres east of Iranapalai on Monday (March 16). A soldier stands next to one tube. (Pic

Gordon Brown: Iran can have
nuclear power if it works with the West

The Prime Minister will say that Britain and other Western states will help Iran build civil nuclear plans on condition that it abides by United ...


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