The Uyangoda controversy

Dr Susantha Goonatilake has made reference to a point of paramount importance in the appointment of members to the Constitutional Council (CC).

He has stressed with compelling arguments that the appointment of two of the nominees namely Mr. Wigneswaran and Jayadeva Uyangoda, to the CC should be reviewed in view of their publicly expressed opinions that clearly undermine the Constitution and sovereignty of Sri Lanka. These views have been expressed some time ago and it is possible that they may be holding different views now. However if they are unable to give the assurance that they will uphold the constitution and respect the sovereignty of the country, they should not be appointed to the CC.  Without such a guarantee, they can, by word or deed, undermine the constitution or hold it in contempt or bring it to ridicule.

Let us hope that President Mahinda Rajapakse will heed this advice and not be rushed into making these appointments under pressure from the opposition or various anti Sri Lankan forces.


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