TamilNet forges letterhead of RDHS
On the 3rd of March 2009, Tamilnet published a letter by Dr.T. Vartharajah, the Regional Director of Health Services in Mulativu allegedly sent by fax to the GA of the district. The news item said that the Heath Director has by that letter acknowledged the reception of 13 dead bodies of internally displaced individuals who have died of starvation (see letter 1).

It was, however, interesting to see the Sinhala translation on the letterhead. It reads in Sinhalese as "oyaage ankaya", which should ideally be written as "obe ankaya". This mistake obviously point to the fact that the letterhead of the RHDS has been manually altered by the creators of the Tamilnet without proper knowledge as to the correct use of Sinhalese in letterheads.

Still more fascinating is the fact, after several internet blogs ridiculed this gimmick of the Tamilnet, the same site again published another forged letter on the 15th of March 2009, again alleged to be by the same medical authority. This time the news story claimed that the RHDS of Mulativu has sent this letter to Provincial Commissioner of Health Services for the North and East provinces with a copy to the Red Cross (ICRC) co-ordinator for the NorthEast, Dr Jeganathan (see letter 2).

In this new letter, the same letterhead is again altered for the second time. This time, under "My Number" appears "obe angaya" instead of "Obe Ankaya" as the Snhalese translation. It is a known fact that Tamils pronounce Sinhalese consonant "ka" as "ga" most of the time. Therefore, it could be that the Tamilnet editors, seeing that their forgery carried a visible mistake at the earlier instance tried to correct it as was pointed out in the blogs, but still made the mistake of substituting "ka" with "ga".

That is not all. The other interesting fact is that this time, under "Your Number", nothing is written in Sinhalese at all! "Oyaage ankaya" is now erased! Instead, it appears under "My Number" this time> That too with the consonant mistake.

Probably the Tamilnet editors, in their haste to publish some forged item to win the sympathy of the international community, forgot where to put the "erroneously corrected" "obey angaya" and put it under "My Number" instead.

When all these lying and forgery that are carried by the Tamilnet are too visible even at a glance, it is very unfortunate and embarrassing to see how even the high offices such as the High Commission for Human Rights of the UN too have fallen to the low level of believing Tamilnet statistics for their source of information.


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