"The reform process is not finished yet…" - Sajith Premadasa

UNP parliamentarian Sajith Premadasa made a strongly worded statement to The Island yesterday concerning reports which said that a deal between him and Wickremesinghe had ended the rebellion within the UNP at last Monday’s stormy working committee meeting. Premadasa states that firstly, he had no deal with Wickremesinghe, and secondly, that this was not the end of the reform process within the party – far from it. Despite the posters that appeared on the walls of Colombo yesterday, with images of a smiling Wickremesinghe and the slogan "ape nayaka ekama nayaka", the battles are far from over, according to Premadasa who insists that reforms have to take place among other areas, in the leadership, and the policy framework of the party. Referring to the compromise that was achieved at Monday’s marathon working committee meeting, Premadasa dismisses the reforms agreed upon as ‘slight changes’ which are inadequate. Referring to the headline story in The Island yesterday, Premadasa insists that he is not one to sacrifice his beliefs and principles in return for positions.

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