Akuressa bomber’s girl friend breaks down

The girl friend of the Akuressa suicide bomber broke down when she was shown the head of the suicide bomber at the Matara Hospital mortuary by the Police.

She identified him as Senthamil with whom she admitted having had a long love affair.

Another associate of the suicide bomber identified as Shanmuganathan Sivananthan told investigators that he along with 20 others including the suicide bomber arrived in the Yala jungles in 2007. The suicide bomber had joined the LTTE in 2004.

Minister Mahinda Wijesekera who was seriously injured in the March 10 bomb blast and warded in the Intensive Care Unit of the General Hospital has now been transferred to a special ward but Hospital sources said that he may have to undergo further treatment for severe head injuries.

Eight others were killed in the blast and nearly ten others were injured.

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