‘Politically motivated oppsition to Peliyagoda garbage dump’

Special Commissioner, Colombo Municipal Council(CMC) Hewaheta Sumanapala, yesterday said that he had found that those who objected to the disposing of garbage on a 15 acre land belonging to the UDA in Peliyagoda were persons who were politically motivated and had no valid cause for objecting

He said that it was found that they were intent on using the garbage pile up also some of which were dumped by them to sling mud at the UPFA during the forthcoming elections to the Western Province.

Speaking to The Sunday Island amidst a slight downpour from dump site at Peliyagoda the Special Commissioner said that by setting his men to work round the clock they had been ableto dispose of 300 truck loads of garbage that had got stockpiled in the Colombo city.

There are another 250or more truck loads of garbage which I will personally ensure are disposed within the next 24 hours or more have the city clean thereafter.

He said that the Council had paid Burns who are the owners of the Bloemendhal dump Rs 765 for every ton of garbage after weighing and hereby disposed of 700metrictonsof garbage per day paying an average monthly rate of Rs 50million and Rs 600million annually and the challenge before me is to turn the garbage into money by recycling them into compost and further invest the 600 miilion paid to Burns earlier for development of the city.

He said that on assuming office he had found that of the 900million annual revenue of the council 3700 million hadnot been collected in 2008 this year we have managed to collect 2000million.

I have instructed my tax officers that in collecting the balance 1700 million to go after the sharks who had to pay millions in taxes before going after the sprats who have to pay a 1000 or two .

Instructions have been issued to all tax officers that unless they carry out their duties properly and collect the taxes that disciplinary action would be taken against them.

Furthermore the Special Commissioner said that he had found that half the buildings in the fort and the Pettah were unauthorized structures that had been constructed illegally and legal status obtained for them by grating them water and electricity.

He said that in consultation with the Minister of Transport Dulles Alahapperuma a program to speedily remove all illegal constructions around the Central Bus stand has been already commenced it would only bea matter of time before we commence the program in other areas of the city.

We hope to provide some of those who had been their for ages with alternative space to carry out their business.

He said that he found that several thousands of Municipal houses had not been vacated by those employees of the CMC even after they retired some of them had rented out these quarters to outsiders and some have leased these houses and some gone to the extent of selling these quarters .

We have received valuable legal advice and commenced filing action in Court against those occupying these quarters illegally.

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