Miliband: Congenital Idiot Or Pretending To Be One?

David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary of what once was "Great" Britian, having accepted the self-evident fact that the LTTE is a terrorist organization which our Government is compelled to root out, has then proceeded to "urge" our Government to declare a "humanitarian ceasefire" to enable the civilians being held captive by the LTTE as "human shields" to flee to sanctuary in Government controlled areas !!!

How does Milliband expect our Government to root out the LTTE while ceasing fire. Any fool can see that the LTTE will not surrender. Thus, the only way to root out those terrorist scum is by `firing’ and not by `ceasing to fire’. Surely even Milliband cannot be so blind as not to see this. If Milliband truly believes that terrorists can be rooted out by `ceasing to fire’, it is inexplicable why he does not call for `cesefires’ in Afghanitan and Iraq as well.

Milliband has also deplored the fact that the LTTE has used civilians as "human shields" and urged them to let the civilians go. How sweet !!. Does Milliband seriously think that the LTTE will let the civilians go merely because Milliband urges them to do so ??? Even he cannot be that stupid.

The LTTE has proved beyond doubt that they will never let the civilians go: they have done so not only by words but by deeds as well – i.e by shooting those who seek to go. When the LTTE spares man-power to prevent the civilians from fleeing to safety when there is no cease-fire and they need all their manpower to fight our forces, can even an imbecile think for a moment that they will let the civilians go if there is a ceasefire and no manpower is required to fight our forces ???

It is patently obvious that no humanitarian purpose will be served by a ceasefire at this stage. The only purpose that will be served by a ceasefire would necessarily be to give the moribund LTTE an opportunity to recuperate and commit more atrocities on our Country and our People – such a `purpose’ could hardly be termed "humanitarian".

It would be interesting to know what Milliband would "urge" us to do if, as is inevitable, the LTTE will not let the civilians go even if a ceasefire is implemented. Would he then tell us not to root out the terrorist LTTE and to let terrorism thrive in our land ? Or will he tell us to storm the No Fire Zone to root out the LTTE once they have recuperated and are better able to fight, which, in turn will result in more casualties among both our Forces and the civilians ???

The simple fact of the matter is that Milliband is talking abysmal rubbish -with what agenda we know not.

There is one indisputable fact that all concerned must realize. If our Forces do not `storm’ the "No Fire Zone" to wipe out the Tigers hiding behind the skirts of the civilians, the Tiger leadership will survive, and, like a malignant cancer, spread its tentacles from Mullaitivu to other parts of the Country.

Much death, injury and destruction among civilians will be caused if our troops now storm the "No Fire Zone", but many times that death, injury and destruction will be caused among civilians if they do not do so.

The LTTE has left us with no alternative other than to storm the "No Fire Zone", the risks to civilians notwithstanding. If we do not do so, we will have to live with the scourge of Tiger terrorism for a further indefinite period and the resultant civilian suffering will be incalculable.

Our Government must have the courage to treat the likes of Milliband with the contempt they deserve, and do what must be done to annihilate the LTTE and restore peace in our land.

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