Norway's Moment of Shame

Sunday's dastardly terrorist attack on the Sri Lanka Embassy in Oslo has demonstrated the ghastly extent of infiltration by LTTE terrorists of the so-called advanced democracies sheltering a gallimaufry of criminal outfits from the four corners of the world. What is really shocking is not so much the terror strike concerned as such but the inexcusable failure on the part of the Norwegian government to apprehend the perpetrators of that inexpiable criminal act, in spite of the availability of damning evidence. Equally baffling and intriguing is the deafening silence the international community is so nonchalantly maintaining on the apathetic and impervious conduct of Norway while frantically campaigning for restoring the rule of law elsewhere.

Norway, which prides itself on its Nobel Peace Prize, must be ashamed of having perverted its law to save a bunch of terrorists and thereby further its political interests. How would it have reacted, had any of its missions abroad come under a terrorist attack and the perpetrators gone scot free? Oslo would have run riot.

In a way, such callous indifference is something to be expected of a nation which has presumptuously chosen to sponsor the LTTE's barbaric terrorism which has claimed tens of thousands of lives in this country. Norway has manifestly become a state sponsoring terrorism!

Norway is not alone in the game of backing Sri Lanka's terrorism, which is thriving in India, Canada, Australia, Britain, France, Germany and the whole of Scandinavia. The question is whether any of these countries would have dared sponsor America's terrorists in that brazen manner. No country told the US to negotiate with the Somali pirates who took a captain of a US ship hostage the other day. The US rescued its citizen with the help of sheer military force – quite rightly so. India did likewise, when Mumbai came under a terrorist attack last November. That is the way terrorism must be tackled.

But, ironically, Sri Lanka's attempt to free its citizens from the clutches of the LTTE terrorists has run into stiff resistance from the very nations crusading against global terrorism! They have ganged up against Sri Lanka and most of them are supporting the LTTE overtly. Is it that battling terrorism is a kind of luxury that small nations cannot afford? One need not be surprised that when those powerful yet duplicitous nations come under terror attacks, their smaller counterparts derive some perverse pleasure.

Those who sleep with dogs, it is popularly said in this country, have to get up with ticks. The same goes for those who sleep with Tigers. The price Norway has had to pay for sharing bed with the murderous Tigers is enormous. It has been reduced to a eunuch nation incapable of taking any action against the terrorists responsible for attacking a foreign mission on her soil. What a shame!

No amount of terrorism against Sir Lankan missions abroad will help Prabhakaran and his fellow terrorists escape. However, Sunday's attack portends trouble for the so-called five star democracies which have become havens for terrorists. Terrorism is slowly but surely eating into their vitals. What Norway is experiencing at present are only symptoms. The worst is yet to come.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan government must seriously consider temporarily closing its mission in Oslo until the Norwegian government brings the terrorists who carried out Sunday's attack to book and ensures the safety of its staff.

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