More facilities for IDPs in Vavuniya relief villages

On the instruction of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Social Welfare and Social Services Minister Douglas Devananda has appointed a high level committee to sort out the problems arising in the welfare villages in Vavuniya. The welfare villages located in Vavuniya have sheltered internally displaced people of the Vanni, Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu, the Ministry said.

Minister Devananda told The Island that the high level committee had decided to appoint an executive committee to each welfare village headed by a Grama Niladari of the division, They would appoint volunteers from the Social Services and Social Welfare Ministry to every village and also appoint a person well-versed in Sinhala and Tamil languages to every welfare centre to deal with the refugees.

The minister said, the committee had also decided to admit children below 12 years of age to children’s homes and to provide all relief villages with adequate water supply and sanitary facilities. It was decided to re-unite family members living in different villages. The issue of birth, marriage and death certificates had been expedited.

Minister Davananda added that at the request of the IDPs the distribution of red rice would replace the white rice and places for religious observances for different denominations would be set up. Pregnant mothers and women suffering from malnutrition who were staying at the relief villages would be given extra milk and nutritious food to combat chronic malnutrition . Enhanced telecommunication facilities and counseling services would also be provided, he said .

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