5,456 IDP’s shipped to Pulmudai from Mullaitivu

Over 65,000 internally displaced persons had arrived in the government controlled areas of the Wanni by the time the country celebrated the Sinhala and Tamil people New Year. The Health Ministry said that on Wednesday (15) 514 internally displaced persons (IDPs) of whom were 124 casualties had been shipped to Pulmudai.

Spokesman for the Health Ministry said Thursday (16) that this was the eleventh shipment of IDPs brought to Pulmudai. Two of them had died on being admitted to the Pulmuidai Field Hospital. 115 of them were transferred to Padaviya along with 199 others who attended to them. He said the rest had been sent to welfare camps.

The spokesman said, a total of 1,468 internally displaced persons had been treated at the Pulmudai Field Hospital between the March 16 and April 14. Within this period 5,456 IDP’s had been shipped to Pulmudai. Among them were 2,918 casualties sent for treatment to Padaviya Hospital . 693 of them were transferred to hospitals in surrounding areas. There were 27 deaths recorded from among the casualties while 1,806 were sent to welfare camps in Vavuniya.

The available bed strength at Padaviya Hospital is 360. He said 253 IDP casualties were admitted to the hospital by the beginning of the week. 76 of them were transferred to other hospitals in the surrounding areas, the spokesman said. A major surgery had to be performed on one of them while another 19 minor surgeries were also carried out at the hospital during this period. Eleven doctors, four midwives, 36 nurses, three theatre nurses and 10 ambulances have been assigned to the hospital.

The bed strength at Vavuniya General Hospital is 448. A total number of IDP casualties being treated in Vavuniya are 898. The Hospital has 79 doctors, 17 midwives, 125 nurses and five ambulances assigned to it by the Ministry of Health, he said. One death occurred from among the IDP casualties.

264 IDP casualties are being treated at the Chettikulam Hospital. One birth from among the IDP’s was also recorded at the hospital.

Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital when contacted said it treated only casualties of the armed forces. The Tricomallee Hospital stopped admitting IDP casualties from March 14.They are currently being sent to the Pulmudai Field Hospital instead.

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