Sauce for Taliban goose should be sauce for LTTE gander!

Reading CNN News on my internet this afternoon my eye struck two items of relevance to us. The first was a news item about the change of command of the US forces in Afghanistan, where the departing commander Gen. McKiernan had said that "while the Taliban and other terrorist groups offer only lies and fear, our continued efforts promote freedom and hope". "Other terrorist groups" would surely include groups like the LTTE, widely acclaimed as one of the most brutal terrorist outfits in the whole world though (at least, as yet) not an imminent threat to American interests, except as an innovator of new terrorist technology.

Immediately after reading this report, a video presentation by CNN correspondent Richard Roth under the title ‘UN helpless in Sri Lanka’ caught my attention. In his presentation Roth was bewailing the fact that the UN is helpless to prevent civilian deaths in SL’s war against the LTTE due to the lack of support from the Russians, Chinese and the Vietnamese, well knowing that the Tamil civilians are being forcibly kept by the LTTE as a human shield to prevent their capture. The international media, the UN and the western powers shout themselves hoarse about the need to wipe out the Taliban adopt a different yardstick for the LTTE, whose contribution to world terrorism is too well known to bear repetition here. The LTTE, like the Taliban and other terrorist groups offer "only lies and fear" while the efforts of the Sri Lankan government to bring them to their heels promotes freedom and hope!


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