Few countries have faced
terrorism so severely as  Sri Lanka – Lord Neseby

Statingfew democratically elected governments have faced terrorism as severely as Sri Lanka , Lord Naseby challenged the United Kingdom to deliver money promised by the Blair government for rebuilding in Sri Lanka.

Lord Naseby writing in the latest issue of the Royal Commonwealth Society Magazine said, "The Challenge for the UK is to deliver money promised by the Blair government for reconstruction. Those Labour MP’s who have Tamils in their constituencies should stop playing politics. They should tell the Diaspora to stop funding the Tigers so that ordinary Tamils can enjoy peace and rebuild their lives."

Lord Naseby , who is the Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Sri Lanka further said in the magazine that Sri Lanka had faced terrorism for over 25 years, resulting in vast devastations, that needed massive reconstructions. He said, The Tamil Tigers were elected by no one, their sole objective was to achieve Eelam at any cost. And at what cost, he queried pointing out that Prime Minister Gandhi and President Premadasa had been assassinated; hundreds of moderate Tamils murdered; child soldiers recruited in their hundreds to be put on the front line and killed. "No wonder these terrorists are proscribed in the US, Canada, the UK, the EU and other countries," he said.

Making a strong case for Sri Lanka the Lord said, "Sri Lanka has been a valued member of the Commonwealth since independence. It was one of the original signatories to the London declaration and today holds key positions in four Commonwealth bodies."

He said that Tamil Tigers were making a final stand dragging over 100,000 innocent civilians with them. The Lord said every international agency had appealed to the Tigers to release the civilians, yet still they refused. "So much for caring about the Tamil people! Few democratically elected governments face terrorism on this scale," he said.

Lord Naseby added, "Yet the armed forces are disciplined: no civilian casualties were reported on the drive to Kilinochchi. Even now, there are little or no air or artillery strikes for fear of harming civilians and the Red Cross and the UN have been given access to the temporary refugee camps."

The Lord further said, in the meantime, the government of Sri Lanka continued to take human rights seriously and the country’s talented people must be allowed to continue to serve the Commonwealth. He strongly stated how some Labour Party members had initiated proposal to suspend Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth: "There should be no question of suspension"

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