A monster laid to rest

So, in the end the hoity-toity Big Tiger died a ‘fraidy cat’. Having killed thousands of people and driven a similar number of his own brainwashed cadres to suicide in vain, Prabhakaran the self-deified warlord together with a group of his trusted lieutenants including his son died a violent death at the hands of the army, while fleeing the battlefront in an ambulance leaving his followers to their fate. That he was a coward of the first order was no secret but hardly anyone expected him to die in such a shameless manner. Where was his cyanide capsule?

Prabhakaran's downfall had to do with hubris, racial hatred and unspeakable cruelty. Blunders of successive pusillanimous and gullible governments stood him in good stead. Ill-planned military operations half-heartedly carried out to deal with terrorism, bitter infighting and corruption in the defence establishment kept him going for thirty long years. Peace processes only gave him succour and strength to emerge stronger.

Prabhakaran's 'kingdom' had a foundation of well advertised myths. Various individuals and organisations floated stories of its invincibility. But, a professional military led by a government determined to defeat terrorism with might and main took less than three years to wipe it out!

At least now those who supported the LTTE for whatever reason should realise that the outfit they backed consisted of a pack of gender-confused hyenas and not 'Tigers' as such. No liberation movement, they need to be told, harms innocent men, women and children. Prabhakaran by robbing, torturing and killing the voiceless civilians and forcibly recruiting their children as cannon fodder, while his family and those of other LTTE leaders were living in clover, proved that he was no liberator but a homicidal maniac masquerading as a messiah. He shed so much of blood and squandered billions of US dollars on a mindless war to boost his sick ego. The place reserved for such monsters is the dustbin of history.

There may still be some depraved elements seeking to resurrect the LTTE but theirs will be a Sisyphean task. The Eelam project is dead. Give up they must!

This country is too small to be divided along ethnic lines but certainly large enough for all communities to live in together as one. Now that the LTTE is a thing of the past at long last, let a concerted national effort be made to put the conflict behind us by eliminating the causative factors.

That is the best tribute we can pay to the valiant security forces personnel who sacrificed their life and limb to rid this land of terrorism.

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