BPA supports Government’s sustained
efforts for nation rebuilding

Business for Peace Alliance (BPA), through their press release yesterday identified their efforts with the Government’s initiatives for political solutions to festering problems over the approximately past three decades of strife. ‘We appreciate the Government’s commitment to bring back peace and stability to Sri Lanka’. The press statement also said speedy political solutions were now essential to facilitate and fast track regional development in an holistic atmosphere of strong commitment to nation building enveloped to include a package that would develop the entire country. Priority being implementation in the shortest possible time to rejuvenate investor confidence for regional development.

The BPA said as members of the regional business community they realize their responsibility was now not inconsiderable and their commitment to support the government was exemplified to magnified proportions and their role to meet post war challenges doubled.

They said trade and business linkages already established by them could be developed to a higher level to bring to bear its impact for regional development. Not least rehabilitation of internally displaced persons, IDPs, and fostering good will and tolerance to ex-combatants. The task for immediate future development and reconciliation would not be simple. It would need single minded application and steadfast adherence to set goals and adherence to pre-determined time frames.

‘We are fully geared to support the Government through our ‘bottom up’ participatory approach for socio – economic development in the regions.’

The BizPact Invest in Sri Lanka Symposium, to be launched in Colombo 25th June through 29th June , through the BPA will have lateral interest government agencies and big business chambers participation. End of the conflict and this mega event now been described would appropriately fall in place to envelope projection of distinct optimism.

The symposium will build distinct platforms linking big business, the Sri Lankan diaspora, and investors from world wide locations. With medium and small scale business houses located locally.

The BPA is confident the climate created by the government is distinctly conducive for success in investment in the region.

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